A guide to clinical placements in speech and language therapy

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A guide to clinical placements in speech and language therapy

Dr Jennifer Read

What are the emotional impacts of working with clients who have a head injury? How should I prepare for my placement in a voice clinic? What are the challenges in working with children who have autism?

Drawing on the experiences of over 50 students in the final year of their degree course, this book explores and documents the challenges and emotional impacts and demand of clinical placements.  Students and clinical educators provide advice and tips that offer a unique insight into working with clients on a range of placements.  Each chapter offers an insight into he students' experiences of working with a particular client group. The students also discuss the range of transferrable clinical skills that they developed, which allows them to work effectively in a variety of contexts. This book is a practical resource, designed to aid students with their preparation for placements throughout their speech and language therapy degree program.


About the author

Dr Read is a Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Pathology at Manchester Metropolitan University.  She is also a registered speech and language therapist. Her teaching areas include neurology, adult acquired language impairments and voice.