This section - Downloads has a range of extra resources and handouts that can be downloaded.  For example: the resource – Talking about books is no longer available, however the ‘Talk about’ ideas for a number of books have been offered as free downloads through this section.


10 tips to stress less

In the car


Reading books

Story Plan

Telling jokes

What did you do at school today?

Word spelling detective

Working in groups


Recently highlighted on the Face Book page is a set of resources on this page: Me-Family-Friends-Others (M-F-F-O).  

This is a set of visual respresentations that can be used with chldren and young people as a scaffolding for discussion around relationships - what they look like and how to build them.  I have used these individually, as well as in small group work focused on social skills.  


For up-to-date information and resource sharing on narrative, feel free to check out the page - Narrative Resources.


For a simple program to support and develop story telling skills using books, feel free to download this GRUG resource.  This resource aims to provide a fun way of working through and targeting narrative elements such as setting, initiating event, internal responses, goal-action-outcome, and resolution.


Check out the Visual Resources.  You will find some semantic theme pages here that may be useful in the clinic.


Download a copy of the Nursery Rhyme Land Game - Playing with Sounds, to practice phonemic awareness skills in a board game.


Reading a book with children can be more than just reading the book.  Every book lends itself to talking.  Here are some Book Chats for various books


NEW ...

Making Sense of Interventions - Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow


Price - $45.00


Apart from this exciting new release, J&R Press published some excellent new titles in 2016.  Please check out the great range of titles currently available.


The silent partner? Language, Interaction and Aided Communication

Exploring fluency in Downs Syndrome: A discussion of speech dysfluencies

Dealing with capacity and other legal issues with adults with acquired neurological conditions