Experimenting with oracy

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Experimenting with Oracy is a new oracy program from Sandpiper Publications, specifically designed for older students, aged 8 - 12 years. It is based on a series of science experiments, which develop simple science concepts, in a logical and clear manner, with a focus on oral language skills. The language activities emphasise problem solving, reasoning, predicting, describing and other text types. Although the written language demands of any task is kept to a minimum, this aspect is easily increased if working in a learning support mode. All support materials are provided as black line masters, including the science experiment procedure. However, therapists and teachers will need to provide their own ‘ingredients’ for each experiment. The physical demands of each experiment have been limited to what is readily available, but science suppliers have been listed in the materials. The worksheets are fun, and the physical hands-on nature of the experiments provides motivation and interest, ideal for students who might otherwise be difficult to engage in work. The current work unit focuses on magnets and magnetic force, but future work units are planned for Matter; Motion; Simple Electronics and Kitchen Chemistry. Each work unit has four or five lesson plans, with two experiments in each lesson plan. The program has been reviewed by science teachers for accuracy, and to ensure a logical flow in the development of the scientific principles. The important focus of the work units however, is not developing a strong understanding of these concepts, as much as exploring the ideas through oral language. A great approach for talking to learn.