J & R Press

SANDPIPER is very pleased to be able to distribute books from the UK publishing house - J & R Press.  Jim and Rachael Wilkie offer a range of books, which target the areas of communication.  Edited by many familiar names to Australian Speech Pathologists, the books are very reasonably priced for quality, up-to-date clinical knowledge and research based evidence for our practice.  

J&R Press are publishers for academics, researchers and clinicians in human communication science.  They offer a platform for publishing works from speech and language practitioners who may be researchers, academics or clinicians.

For more information - or to see how you could develop your own manuscript, visit the JR-Press website.

J&R Press offer:

  • specialists in human communication science
  • close contacts with the SLT/SLP community
  • many years of experience in both commissioning and production
  • fast and flexible services as a small and efficient team
  • low overheads passed on in the form of reasonable retail prices
  • high production values
  • international printing and fulfilment facilities
  • focussed marketing campaigns based on direct email selling
  • personal care and commitment to your book.



Making sense of interventions for children with developmental disorders: A guide for parents and professionals.


Current topics include:

     Dealing with Capacity and other legal issues with adults with acquired neurological conditions: A resource for SLTs

     Exploring fluency in Downs Syndrome: A discussion of speech dysfluencies for professionals and parents

     The silent partner? Language, Interaction and aided communication

     Speech and language therapy and professional identity: Challenging received wisdom

     Therapy Outcome Measures for rehabilitation professionals

     Dig your heels in and fight

     Methods in teaching clinical phonetics and linguistics

     Picture Me: Children's views of speech, language and communication needs

     Assessment and Therapy for Language and Cognitive Communication Difficulties in Dementia and Other Progressive Diseases

     A Guide to Clinical Placements in Speech and Language Therapy

     Speech Therapy in Cleft Palate and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction

     Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction

     Creating Practice-based Evidence

     Developing Clinical Skills in Dysphagia

     The Dysphagia Placement Workbook

     The Impact of Communication Disability Across the Lifespan

     Listening to Children and Young People with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

     Making Collaborative Practice Work

     PACSTOYS - A screening assessment of child speech (2 - 5 yrs)

     Profile of Word Errors and Retrieval in Speech

     Speech Prosody in Atypical Populations

     Stammering Therapy from the Inside

     Towards a Positive Future


There are also a number of upcoming releases, so keep in touch to find out the latest in publication titles, including:

Case Studies in Cleft Palate Speech

Basic medical science for speech and language therapy students

Decision making and ethics in dysphagia

Applied psychology for effective speech and language therapy practice

Communication and mental health disorders

Supporting teenagers with language difficulties

Speech language therapists and mental capacity