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Making Sense of Interventions
Product Code: MSI
This book, aimed at both parents and professionals, discusses the non-evidence-based 'crank' interventions that proliferate in the fields of children's speech, language, literacy, fluency, voice, communication, attention, cognition, working memory, behaviour and social connectedness.
Dealing with capacity and other legal issues
Product Code: DCOLI
This book supports SLTs in clinical practice who may be asked to deal with issues relating to the decision-making and mental capacity of their clients.
The silent partner?
Product Code: TSP
This book examines how communication aids are used in real interaction contexts. It examines communication aid use as a unique and independent mode of communication.
Exploring fluency in Downs Syndrome
Product Code: EFDS
This book explores the 'hows' and 'whys' of dysfluent speech in those with Down syndrome, using real-life spoken language examples as well as presenting literature in the areas of language, speech, prosody and fluency.
Speech Language Therapy and Professional Identity
Product Code: SLTPI
This book aims to explore and challenge the ways that students are prepared for professional practice. It reflects a diversity of views and will contribute to a broader, richer conversation about issues that lie under the SLT profession.
Therapy outcome measures for rehabilitation professionals
Product Code: TOM
The Therapy Outcome Measures allows professionals working in health, social care and education to describe the relative abilities and difficulties of a client in four domains - impairment, activity, participation and wellbeing.
Dig in your heels and fight
Product Code: DYHF
This book probes the crisis in communication disorders of the low and declining numbers of doctoral trained faculty.
Creating Practice-based Evidence
Product Code: CPBE
This book will help to increase SLTs' competence and confidence in conducting small-scale research studies. It contains practical information, advice and guidance to help clinicians get started on manageable research based on their everyday caseload and activities.
Stammering Therapy from the Inside
Product Code: STI
Stammering Therapy from the Inside offers a comprehensive overview of a range of contemporary stammering therapy approaches. It links theory to practice, with an emphasis on describing the therapy journey and outcomes from the perspectives of both clinicians and clients.
PACSTOYS A screening assessment of child speech
Product Code: PACS
This resource utilises interesting bags of small toys which elicit single words, phrases and spontanenous speech from children as young as 2 years up to 5 years.
Profile of Word Errors and Retrieval in Speech
Product Code: POWERS
The POWERS provides a quantitative means of measuring an individual's ability to produce meaningful words in natural conversation.
Speech Prosody in Atypical Populations
Product Code: SPAP
This book is based on recent findings and will report current original research in the field of speech prosody in atypical populations.
Making Collaborative Practice Work
Product Code: MCPW
This easy-to-read handbook explores existing collaborative practice research within the current SEN framework.
Towards a Positive Future
Product Code: TPF
Positive Future focuses on best practice and sound principles in special education needs.
Developing Clinical Skills in Dysphagia
Product Code: DCSD
Developing Clinical Skills in Dysphagia has been created specifically for clinical educators supervising students and newly-qualified therapists on placements that have a focus on dysphagia.
The Dysphagia Placement Workbook
Product Code: DPW
The Workbook has been specifically designed to help UK and Australian students and newly-qualified speech and language therapists develop basic competencies and gain clinical experience in dysphagia.
The Impact of Communication Disability Across the Lifespan
Product Code: ICD
This book brings together the most current evidence and expertise about the impact of a wide range of communication impairments.
Listening to Children and Young People with Speech, Language and Communication Needs
Product Code: LCYP
This book focuses attention on the particular challenges of listening to those with speech, language and communication needs.
Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction
Product Code: ACEI
This book argues for the importance of the participants' perspective within both theory and practice on the function of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids in everyday talk-in-interaction.
A guide to clinical placements in speech and language therapy
Product Code: GCP
This book explores and documents the challenges and emotional impacts and demand of clinical placements. Students and clinical educators provide advice and tips.
Speech therapy in cleft palate and velopharyngeal dysfunction
Product Code: STCP
A practical and accessible handbook of evidence-based practice for assessment and management of speech disorders related to cleft palate and velopharyngeal dysfunction.
Assessment and therapy for language and cognitive communication difficulties
Product Code: ATLC
This book provides an essential resource to support clinicians in their day-to-day practice, and highlights how familiar therapy approaches can be transferred to this client group.
Picture me: Children’s views
Product Code: PMe
A resource of four full-colour illustrations to support children in discussions regarding their everyday communication.
Methods in teaching clinical phonetics
Product Code: MTCP
This book collates the expertise of teaching phonetics and linguistics and presents it in an accessible and practical format. It highlights the teaching and assessment methods of teachers in this area.