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The world of the Internet is amazing! But who's got the time to sit in front of their computers looking for things.  Children and adolescents spend HOURS trolling through YouTube clips, looking for the latest crazy upload, and then sharing it around via facebook.


On this page you will find links to different pages within this website, that provide a small snippet of clips that you might find interesting, entertaining, educational or simply weird.  The underlying theme of course is LANGUAGE, but don't let that fool you.  Drop in from time to time, to check what new gems we have found to share.




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Making Sense of Interventions - Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow


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Apart from this exciting new release, J&R Press published some excellent new titles in 2016.  Please check out the great range of titles currently available.


The silent partner? Language, Interaction and Aided Communication

Exploring fluency in Downs Syndrome: A discussion of speech dysfluencies

Dealing with capacity and other legal issues with adults with acquired neurological conditions