My Nursery Rhymes Pack

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The My Nursery Rhymes Pack is a revised version of the two previous programs based around nursery rhymes: Nursery Rhymes Program and Nursery Rhymes for Young Children.

It combines the whole class activities, which only require minimal set-up support materials, but also offers the follow-up individual or home-based activities for those children who require some extra practice in developing these skills.  The activities support the key areas of phonemic awareness: rhyming, syllabification, identifying initial and final sounds, word segmenting, and sound blending.

Each nursery rhyme set contains:

-  an initial 'talk-about' topic to help children establish a context

-  a barrier game, based loosely around a theme from the nursery rhyme

-  4 activities designed for the whole class or a small group of children

3 or 4 more activities which have been written more towards individual practice.

There is enough instruction provided in these resources for a teacher aide or parent to work through with children - either individually or in small groups. 

All activities have the necessary support materials in the program provided as black line masters.


The 12 nursery rhymes available so far include:

Hickory, dickory, dock   - sample pages  (click to download)

Humpty Dumpty                                  Baa, baa black sheep        Little Miss Muffet

Hey diddle diddle                               Old King Cole                       Little Bo Peep

Mary, Mary quite contrary                 Pussy cat, Pussy cat           Georgie Porgie

Jack and Jill                                        Old Mother Hubbard