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Sample Pages

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This resource is a pack of master pages for 30 barrier games and base boards. All materials are provided in a black and white format, using A4 pages for ease of copying and use in the clinic. Base board templates and all picture cards are provided as part of the resource.

There are nine different barrier game formats and three to four versions of each format generally providing a range of skill levels. These formats are:

  • Sequence base boards (e.g. a train is provided as the base board with carriages + a set of animal cards to place in sequence along the train)
  • Sequence cards (e.g. cards of abstract geometrical figures are provided to place in a row or pattern and then describe to your partner.)
  • Character base boards (e.g. a figure of Humpty Dumpty is presented to either draw pictures on the base board, or place a set of people cards)
  • Grids (e.g. a simple grid of 4 x 5 squares on a picnic rug is used with a set of food cards)
  • Simple reference scene base boards (e.g. a beach scene is used with an accompanying set of beach cards to pl ace around the scene, describing position and placement)
  • Complex reference scene base boards (e.g. a circus scene is used with a set of cards representing a variety of balls which are to be placed - the balls need more detailed description or referencing than cards used above)
  • What's missing boards (e.g. two scenes and one board is missing items compared to the other)
  • What’s different base boards (e.g. there are two versions of a beach scene, where players have to identify the differences between the scenes)
  • Guess who? base boards (e.g. there are 24 cards of slightly varying astronauts where one player selects a card and the other has to determine which one it is)