My little speech book

Product Code: MLSB
Price: $15.00

Only available in PDF version.


This is a great resource to have beside you whenever you are doing therapy. It provides some general lists of target words that you will find useful in various aspects of therapy. It covers your needs from:

•  articulation therapy lists of words for every consonant in initial, medial and final positions

•  lists of words for consonant blends

•  lists of words for all vowels

•  lists of multisyllabic words for motor sequencing and phonemic awareness

•  lists of phrases and sentences from 2 to 8 syllables for MLU fluency therapy

•  lists of minimal word pairs for working on phonological processes.

The print is 18 point and clearly spaced, to allow easy reading for all clients, but particularly suited to adult clients who may have some degree of vision impairment.  It is bound in a ring binder so that it is flexible to meet your preferences and needs, also allowing you to easily insert your own lists.