Narrative Resources


There's a lot of talk going on in relation to narrative these days.  It's a challenging field to work in, as there aren't as many guidelines telling the therapist what is typically developing and what is delayed, disordered, impaired or whatever.  Sure we have lots of information and knowledge in the field, it just isn't represented as standardised numbers, linking performance to age norms.  Particularly in the adolescent area!

The information and resources on this page might perhaps help towards furthering the usefulness and therapy application of narratives to the clinic setting.  A lot of this is based on some recent workshops that have been going around, some of it is based on the literature, but some of it is just based on taking the available information and applying a first pinciple approach to understanding narrative as an assessment, diagnositc and therapeutic tool for speech pathologists.

Below are some forms that speech pathologists and teachers might find useful in getting started.  Please feel free to download the forms, use them and if possible please send us some feedback on how you have found the resources.


Story Plan


Just to kick things off - this is the story plan that we have used in some narrative work - individual and group programs.  It follows the usual story grammar layout, but with some additional features based on language aspects (the connecting words) and some mental health perspectives (feel - think - say - do).

Coming Soon

New Oracy packs for emotional literacy, based on early childhood books to help develop the language of feelings.