The following oracy lesson plans have been written for a set of Tanzanian folk tales.  They are freely available for download to anyone who might be interested.


The Amazing Tree    by John Kilaka  

     Resource pages - Amazing Tree


Fresh Fish     by John Kilaka  

     Resource pages - Fresh Fish


True Friends     by John Kilaka  

     Resource pages - True Friends


Loito and the Lioness     as told by David Read  (written by Birgit Hendry)

     Resource pages - Loito


Rain God of the Wambulu     as told by David Read  (written by Birigt Hendry)

     Resource pages - Rain God



J&R Press


Please note:  Sandpiper will no longer be distributing the publications from J&R Press.  Sandpiper has very much enjoyed working with Jim and Rachel over the past several years, however as their range continues to expand, and Sandpiper focuses more on the resources line, the range has been handed over to Pro-Ed.