Oracy for early childhood

Product Code: OEC
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The Oracy for Preschool Program is ideal for use with young children, from 3 to 5 years of age. However, the language activities in it are suitable for ages up to 8 years. It is based around a set of ten popular fiction books, each focusing on a different theme. Each of the ten books has an outline of the session plan, set out to cover sound, word, sentence and text levels of language. There are extra resource materials that can be made into a student activity booklet and a parent letter to inform parents. Also included in the program is a checklist of communication behaviours that can be used by the facilitator to monitor the program’s implementation as well as individual students’ performance. The program encourages oral language development within a safe and supportive environment, and aids in preparing children for the language demands of the classroom. There is a set of Blank’s levels of questions based around each book, as well as games and comprehension activities to complete the set. A book list is provided below of the ten books used in the program.