Oracy-too program

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The Oracy-too program is written for use with young children, from 4 to 7 years of age. It is based on the language demands that children experience when they enter school - the language of literacy and the language of learning. The basic program comprises fifteen lesson plans based around popular children’s literature, each lesson consisting of two sessions. The first session deals with examining the text and a number of different language activities. The second session is based on a text innovation, where the child or group of children write their own story based on the same pattern and structure of the book they have just read. Each of the fifteen books has an outline of the session plan, an example of a text innovation for that story, a student’s activity booklet and a parent letter. Also included in the program is an example of pre- and post- program assessments, and a checklist of communication behaviours which can be used by the facilitator to monitor the program’s implementation as well as individual students’ performance. The program encourages oral language development within a safe and supportive environment, and aids in exposing children to the language demands of the classroom. The program can be run by the therapist, teacher or trained facilitator.