PACSTOYS A screening assessment of child speech

Product Code: PACS
Price: $220.00

This resource utilises interesting bags of small toys which elicit single words, phrases and spontanenous speech from children as young as 2 years up to 5 years. Target words are transcribed onto a single sheet and charted on another single sheet to distinguish immature realizations from atypical realizations and to visualize phonological patterns. A summary sheet provides options for differential diagnosis, for describing a tentative diagnosis and relevant additional information and a management plan.

This is a perfect activity for an initial appointment. Children see a few toys on the table and need no coaxing to join the clinician in play. It is usually possible to proceed directly into the speech assessment at the beginning of a session without delaying to take a history. Parents can reflect on their perception of the child's speech and often revise what they had intended to tell the therapist as they listen and watch.

Toys are named as they are lifted from 'topic-based' bags. Repetitions can be elicited by lifting toys up so that the clinician can see a clear view of the child's articulatory patterns. While the clinician transcribes the child's utterances, the child is usually content to play with the toys. Children are frequently unaware that they are being assessed.

The word list elicits more than one example of the majority of frequently-occurring English consonants in most word and syllable positions including a limited selection of the most commonly-occurring consonant clusters. Most English vowels are also included. Evaluation of transcription data is based on phonological analysis; there is no score or standardisation. In addition to assessing speech, the clinician can collect transcription evidence of verbal comprehension, attentiveness, expressive language and pragmatic skills.

Includes 48 toys in themed bags, photocopyable sheets, and manual. Packed in a strong canvas satchel for easy transport.