Sandpiper Publications started in 1996 with the publication of the Nursery rhymes program. Speech pathologists, who work in school settings but are unable to work with all the children who are referred, have found this program an ideal way to reduce their case load frustrations and minimise the impact of waiting lists.  

Many programs have been written since this program, which have also been aimed at empowering schools to meet the needs of children while waiting to access the speech pathologist. The programs, while ideal for implementation at a school level, are equally compatible with the clinic setting, either for small groups or individuals.

About the PRODUCTS:

SANDPIPER aims to produce quality resources which are:

  • easy to use by speech pathologists, teachers, parents, aides and professionals working with children
  • designed to support and develop children's educational outcomes in language and literacy
  • guaranteed for quality of content, format, presentation and production.


Our resources are distributed in good faith. Because we have printed the resources in a manner that allows you to use them flexibly, it means that they are very easy to photocopy and pass on to friends and other professionals. We have also worked more recently, towards putting all our products into PDFs to make things even easier for the busy teacher and clinician.  Again, it means that the resources are easy to pass around.

Before you do this, please consider the fact that we have kept the cost of these publications extremely competitive against other productions in order to make them affordable to all. 

The copyright on our resources allows the purchaser to copy materials for use in their immediate classrooms or with direct clients. Photocopying copyright materials beyond this is against the law. We ask you please, not to break copyright on our products, but feel free to pass on our order form and recommend the resources to others.

PDF Versions available.

Most of the resources published by SANDPIPER are now available in PDF, in fact only those resources that contain cards or other materials will come in hard copy.  Resources will be placed as a .pdf file onto a handy USB and mailed out.  Imagine not having to carry around My Little Articulation Book to every school or losing the master copy of that particular page you really need. The cost has been reduced for many of the resources to reflect the ease of simply sending resources on a USB, so please take advantage of this new format.


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Coming Soon

New Oracy packs for emotional literacy, based on early childhood books to help develop the language of feelings.