Apart from offering some fabulous programs, SANDPIPER also provides a range of other services, to compliment the resources. These include workshops; school consultancy; trade displays at conferences; and school trade packs.



Adele Wallis presents numerous workshops and papers through the year, most of which are organised through Sandpiper.  However, teachers are able to arrange workshops or presentations for their own school, or for a local area through phoning directly. Workshops can be organised for the whole school or specific year levels and can be presented on a full day basis or half days.  Workshops are usually targeted to teaching staff and teacher aides.

Generally school staff in-services tend to work around Student Free Day activities. However, local network groups such as speech pathologists, key teachers, and support teachers can negotiate other week-day events.


The content can be negotiated, usually focused around oral language, phonological processing and spelling, and classroom language strategies. Secondary schools can also be provided with staff training in the area of adolescent language development and disability. However, I am always keen to tailor a workshop to a school's particular needs, depending on the demographics of the local area.


Workshops that are organised through Sandpiper Publications have a cost per participant.  Please check this in relation to the specific workshop you are interested in.  Workshops presented for schools are priced at $1,500 for a full day session, or $200 per hour (plus travel and accommodation costs)
(All costs quoted here include GST.)

For more detailed information for the workshops that are currently available through Sandpiper, please visit the workshops page.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop for your school, please send your contact details and an outline of your needs or ideas via email at: