Julia Starling PhD is a Sydney-based speech-language pathologist who has extensive experience developing and implementing interventions for supporting young people with language-based learning difficulties (language impairment). Julia maintains a private caseload of mainly upper primary and secondary students, is implementing the LINK-S Program in schools across Australia, regularly lectures and presents seminars and workshops.

ELR Software are a speech and language resource company, developed by Toni and Rob Seiler. Toni has been a speech pathologist for many and recently graduated wth her PhD.  ELR software produces a range of computer programs and resources, designed to support, not replace, the relaitonship that exists between clinician and client.  Their programs may be used in therapy to increase efficiency in service delivery using the internet and CD based materials.

Pelican Talk are another Australian based resource company for speech, language and literacy therapy resources.  Resources have been developed by Lucia Smith, who has been a speech pathologists for over 20 years.  Since 2012, she has also managed the Love and Reilly resource products and training programs.

Love and Reilly are another Australian based resource company for speech and language resources:



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Making Sense of Interventions - Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow


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Apart from this exciting new release, J&R Press published some excellent new titles in 2016.  Please check out the great range of titles currently available.


The silent partner? Language, Interaction and Aided Communication

Exploring fluency in Downs Syndrome: A discussion of speech dysfluencies

Dealing with capacity and other legal issues with adults with acquired neurological conditions