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SANDPIPER PUBLICATIONS has run workshops in various states.  However, with the digital age and transformations in the way we can access information, there is a shoft this year towards developing webinars on various topics.  Targeted audiences include: teachers, speech pathologists, and teacher aides or child care support workers.  Keep an eye on the website for more information as they become available. 

Currently, we are focusing on oral language in the classroom - aimed at primary school teachers.  Oral language has long been a focus in the early years of schooling, however, there is a growing awareness of the importance of oral language throughout the schooling years.  

Topics covered in the Oral Language Classroom include:

  • Oral language in the classroom and curriculum

- The important role of vocabulary in academic success

- Sentence development and cognitive verbs

- Text structures for learning and social interaction

- Framework for supporting oral language in the classroom

- Strategies for working with children in oral language at class level and individually

- A glimpse at the Australian curriculum


  • Building social, emotional and behavioural understanding

- Communication skills and social-emotional-behavioural concerns in children 

- Working with specific populations (e.g.  Asperger’s ;  SLI)

- Talking about personal recounts and emotional literacy


  • Assessment & Evaluation

- Evaluating spoken language using naturally occurring instances in the classroom

- Reporting


SANDPIPER is also keen to extend an invitation to local speech pathologists' groups or networks to arrange a workshop specifically for them.  Topics that can be covered include:

  • Semantics, semantic development and intervention
  • Working with narratives
  • Communication and social / emotional concerns
  • Communication, behavioural difficulties and behaviour support strategies 

I am very willing to adapt the outline of a workshop to fit local area needs.  However, please be aware that I can only cover paediatric target groups.  So, if you are a speech pathologist and you wish to inquire further about organising a second workshop, please email me to discuss details: