Blanks Themes - CLOTHES

Product Code: BTS
Price: $8.00

A resource for supporting children's comprehension.  Based around Blanks levels of questions and language, each resource pack focuses on a different theme and contains the following materials:

  • Blanks questions for small sets of clothing theme cards  (2-3 x 12 pictures)
  • Blanks questions for two whole picture scenes based around the theme: doing the laundry; shopping for clothes
  • Blanks questions for two sets of four-picture sequences: getting ready for bed; going to the shops
  • Two general comprehension activities focusing on aspects such as prepositions, following directions, barrier games, inferencing, etc.
  • Three story comprehension tasks.

The resource pack contains black line masters for ease of reproduction and clear instructions for working with children's language comprehension.  

GREAT for home follow up or school-based programs.