Cooking with oracy

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Cooking with Oracy is desgined for younger students, aged 4 - 6 years, or any student with a significant language disorder. The program is based on a set of ten recipes, which are simple and easy to make, with minimal fuss and requirements. Each lesson plan follow the same language framework as other oracy programs, providing activities to reinforce sounds, words, sentences and text. Additionally, this resource focuses on a math language concept in each lesson. All support materials are provided as black line masters, including the recipes. (However, therapists and teachers will need to provide their own ingredients.) The worksheets are simple to follow, while the hands-on nature of cooking is motivating and fun for all. Sequencing language skills form an important part of the lessons. The program is also useful when working with a group of students who are moderately, intellectually handicapped, even up to high school aged students, as the language tasks are important in any communication program.