Oracy for Emotions - Scared

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Oracy for Emotions - scared focuses on giving children the words they need to be able to talk about feeling scared.  This pack contains the lesson plans and black line resource pages for each individual book - focusing on the feeling 'scared'.

  • Franklin in the dark by Paulette Bourgeois
  • The little mouse, the red, ripe strawberry and the very hungry bear by Don & Audrey Wood

The language activities are based on the semantics, syntax and pragmatics of being able to share your feelings with others.  Activities in the pack include:

  • story questions - to help children focus on the emotion aspects of the narrative
  • word activites - to develop the child's vocabulary and understanding of how words work to describe events and people, and to compare things
  • sentence activities - to strengthen a child's sentences, particularly in more complex structures such as using a problem-solution or cause-efect type construction
  • personal narrative - to share their own emotion-based life experiences with others
  • body talk - to understand their own feelings and how these feelings are reflected in personal 'body talk'
  • story retell - to build narrative skills and continue to explore how other characters respond  to situations and how they might feel
  • scripts such as feel-think-say-do - to increase awareness of how people respond to situations, events and those around us; how we interact with the world
  • reflection - to help children reflect on situations and their own emotional responses, to explore options and understand how and why others might feel

Other emotion packs will be written over time.  Suggestions for books to be included in the series are always welcome.