Top Talking Tips

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This popular resource consists of a deck of 60 cards, each with an oral language activity, focused on books. The activities are based on the six basic text structures: list; description; sequence; compare / contrast; cause and effect;problem and solution. There are 10 activities for each text structure, which are suitable for small groups, paired work and individual therapy or support. The captivating cards provide clear and simple directions for the highly motivating language activities. These activities are ideally suited for general classroom use, extension programs for children with high literacy skills, as well as being an excellent resource when used with children who are having difficulties formulating narratives in a supported environment. The cards are an ideal complement to any oral language program, but they have a particular application for narrative therapy, in assisting children to explore how text is constructed. The activities can stand-alone in the classroom as ‘spare time’ activities, or they can be built into an existing program. For example, you may have a teacher aide following a program for you, with the idea that part of each session with the aide could be to work one or two card activities. The cards can even be used as home follow-up to therapy.